TORIS Quality Policy

TORIS is a leading PP Woven Fabrics and Bags/Sacks manufacturer in India, committed to supplying quality products with extreme tear-strength, higher durability and stringent quality checks, across the globe.


High Tear Strength

Competitive Prices

Stringent Quality Control

TORIS Quality Policy

Our attempts are always in the direction to manufacture quality PP Woven Fabrics and Bags/Sacks that meet or exceed client expectation. With consistent efforts in improving quality and commitment towards international quality standards, we have successfully produced some of the best quality PP Woven Bags/Sacks in the market over the years. This practice to produce quality products has helped us a lot in establishing long term relationship with local and global clients.

To ensure that every PP Woven Fabrics and Bags/Sacks are of the highest quality, our team of quality managers continually looks after the plant's activities. They make sure that we use top quality raw materials, adhere to international quality standards and follow the set rules. In all, we make sure that there are zero compromises on the quality part of whichever conditions.

Besides, we always embrace the change-be it a technological or the regulation. Our on-time and regular investment in technology and manpower give us an edge over other PP Woven Fabrics and Bags/Sacks exporter in India. Thanks to our advanced machinery, technical expertise and profound industry knowledge-we can handle small order to bulk order with the utmost ease. At TORIS, we control the product quality by the following quality control system.

Quaity Testing Technology

Tape Plant

Tape Plant every lot of the produced tapes is checked for its cloth quality & strength at the tape plant before it passes further.

Denier Inspection

To ensure the size and the denier of the tape, we also have the beta gauge machines which continuously perform this task.

Tensile Test

At this stage, the tensile testing and breaking strength of all the PP Woven Fabrics and Bags/Sacks is checked and verified.

Gauge Meter

UTG measures the polypack thickness of materials such as plastic and more using ultrasonic technology.

Other Tests

Besides these four primary tests, we also perform heavy load, length-width test etc... to ensure PP Woven Fabrics and Bags/Sacks top quality.

Manufacturing Excellence

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    Raw Material

    When it comes to product quality, raw materials play a critical role. We only use the highest quality & finest raw materials.

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    In addition to high-quality raw materials, we use new trending technologies in the manufacturing process.

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    These state-of-the-art technologies enable us to create quality PP Woven Products with sophisticated Quality.

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    Quality inspection is an important part of the manufacturing process when it comes to PP Woven Products.

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    It is important to pack PP Woven Products properly to ensure they reach their destination safely and without any damage.

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    TORIS makes certain that all orders are shipped on time, with no unnecessary delays.